Dark Knight

About Dark Knight

Dark Knight is an MMOARPG that mixes realistic art styles with fantasy magic and takes players on an immersive experience as a devil hunter who carries the blood of the gods. Players will overcome challenges as the devil hunter while overpowering the seven devil kingdoms with power gathered along the way.

The three main classes in the game include: Slayer, Sorcerer, and Destroyer. Initially, players can choose between the Slayer and Sorcerer, while the Destroyer is unlocked after obtaining a high enough level.

In this MMOARPG, players will not be required to travel alone. After collecting pieces of the corresponding Goddess, players can summon them to their side. There are currently 14 different Goddesses that can be collected and unlocked.

There are many systems in place in order to help players improve their power including: Relics, Mounts, Wings, Seals, Codices, and various weapons and armor.

What are you waiting for? Take the fight to the devils today!

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